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Software Overview

Noki Exchange is the perfect solution for venues such as stadiums, clubs, casinos, and theme parks, where visitors can take advantage of short-term locker use during their stay. With the option for one-time compartment bookings, businesses can not only generate revenue but also recoup their investment while catering to their clients’ need for convenient short-term storage. This seamless and secure locker management system enhances the overall guest experience and adds value to your establishment.

Application Features

The Noki Exchange mobile application allows individuals to conveniently book individual compartments when needed. The easy-to-use application has a simple interface with four items on the main menu:

Book: To book your compartments

Authorize: To authorize an additional individual by entering a phone number manually or from your phone’s contact list

Open: To open any compartments you currently have booked or have been given authorization to

History: To see all past transactions and events for your compartment booking

The application has a simple account registration process and payment method, and a sophisticated easy to use scheduler that allows individuals to select a date, time and duration of bookings and authorizations. The application has many other benefits and security features to guarantee the safety of assets.

Access & Security

The Noki Exchange application is safe and secure, and works together with Noki’s Intelligent Lockers to ensure that only authorized users get access to compartments and their contents. Notable access and security features include:

24/7 network monitoring system: Problems are detected and addressed immediately by Noki maintenance staff

Access through fingerprint, face recognition, RFID, and the Noki Exchange application: Users are given a variety of secure options to access their compartments

Video surveillance: Video monitoring adds an extra layer of security to give businesses peace of mind

Learn More & Download

Noki Exchange is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store, or by scanning the QR code on a Noki system. To learn more, please download the application, visit our FAQ page, or reach out to a Noki representative. To install a system in your location, contact a Noki representative in your area by phone or through the contact form on our support page.

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