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Noki provides a secure, contactless key exchange solution that is ideal for agents, residents, guests, and home services. This solution eliminates the chaos that comes with traditional lockboxes, and provides real-time or historical monitoring of every key exchange, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your property. With Noki’s advanced scheduler, you can authorize access by date, time, and duration, giving you complete control over who has access to your property and when. Noki’s smart lockers allow delivery personnel to securely deposit parcels in designated lockers, while residents receive instant notifications and unique access codes for hassle-free retrieval.


Noki Systems enables businesses to maintain accountability and visibility among staff. With faster tracking of keys, businesses can provide better customer service to their clients. The real-time monitoring feature notifies staff when customers have picked up and/or dropped off their keys, providing added convenience and peace of mind. Noki Systems also offers multiple methods of accessing the system, making it easy for staff to manage keys without any hassle. The system can manage hundreds of keys at one location, making it scalable and efficient for businesses of all sizes.


Noki Systems is designed to increase productivity and security while providing asset protection. With individualized authorizations and historical monitoring, our systems manage accountability and keep detailed records of all key exchanges, ensuring the highest level of security for your organization. Our systems also offer multi-location support, allowing you to manage keys across multiple sites. Additionally, our key management/storage applications provide asset protection to help safeguard your valuable assets.


Noki Systems’ key management solutions provide faster and secure check-ins for guests around the clock. Our contactless key pickup and drop-off system ensures a secure exchange for guests, while notifications keep staff informed when guests have picked up or dropped off their keys or key cards. Our system also offers permission levels for all staff personnel to ensure secure access and monitoring.


Noki Systems provides solutions to streamline the check-in process for short-term and long-term rentals. With our self-check-in feature, guests can access their accommodations without the need for staff assistance, saving time and increasing efficiency. Our booking management system provides administrators with an easy-to-use platform to manage reservations, while our full historical visibility feature keeps guests and service workers accountable. Our system also allows for quick remote authorization and deauthorization, making last-minute bookings and cancellations a breeze.


24/7 availability allows customers to pick up rental vehicles at their own convenience. The system is equipped with an advanced booking management feature that enables administrators to authorize or deauthorize access with a moment’s notice. With our real-time monitoring feature, you can track and notify key returns. The historical monitoring feature also provides detailed records of all key exchanges for maximum accountability.


Individualized authorization ensures that drivers are taking their assigned vehicles. Real-time notifications are sent when keys are picked up and dropped off, giving administrators full visibility of key exchanges. Historical tracking provides accountability and transparency, allowing administrators to see who accessed which keys and when. System access is also provided with permission levels for all staff, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access each specific compartment.


With Noki’s individualized authorization, access can be provided to intended users only, ensuring the security of valuable assets. With real-time notifications and historical tracking, the system provides transparency and accountability for all key exchanges and locker use. Additionally, the system allows for different permission levels, granting appropriate access to staff members based on their roles and responsibilities.


Noki helps ensure secure and efficient management of vehicles, equipment, and evidence. With Noki Systems’ individualized authorization, only assigned personnel have access to their designated vehicles, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized use. Real-time notifications are sent when keys are picked up or returned, enabling quick and efficient vehicle check-in and check-out processes. The system’s historical tracking feature provides a comprehensive record of all key exchanges, promoting accountability, transparency, and streamlined operations.


With Noki, educational institutions can efficiently manage access to classrooms, labs, equipment, and storage areas, as well as securely store and manage items. Teachers, administrators, and students can easily track and retrieve items from the smart lockers, ensuring convenience, organization, and security. Noki’s user-friendly interface and advanced features simplify key and item management, providing a seamless experience for educational institutions seeking reliable and scalable access control and item storage solutions.


With Noki’s smart key management systems and smart lockers, security professionals can enhance access control, streamline key management, and secure valuable assets. Noki provides a comprehensive and scalable solution for managing keys, granting access, and tracking activities, ensuring only authorized personnel can access restricted areas. Additionally, Noki’s smart lockers offer secure storage for equipment, sensitive documents, and valuable items, providing an additional layer of protection.


Noki’s smart key management systems and smart lockers allow casinos to enhance security measures and streamline operations. Noki’s advanced access control and key management solutions ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas, protecting sensitive areas and assets. Additionally, Noki’s smart lockers provide secure storage for valuable items, such as chips, cash, and documents, minimizing the risk of loss or theft.


Noki gives retailers the opportunity to optimize their operations and enhance security measures. Noki’s key management systems provide secure and efficient management of keys for store entrances, storage areas, and cabinets, ensuring authorized access and reducing the risk of key loss or theft. Noki’s smart lockers offer a convenient and secure way to manage click-and-collect orders, returns, and package deliveries, improving the customer experience and minimizing order fulfillment errors.


With Noki, libraries can efficiently and securely manage access to study rooms, research areas, equipment, and storage spaces. Patrons, librarians, and staff can easily track and retrieve items from smart lockers, ensuring convenience, organization, and security. Noki’s user-friendly interface and advanced features simplify key and item management, providing a seamless experience for libraries seeking reliable and scalable access control and item storage solutions.


Community centers can enhance operations by efficiently managing access to facilities, equipment, and storage areas, providing convenience and security for both staff and members. Noki’s user-friendly interface and advanced features streamline key and item management, offering a reliable and scalable solution for community centers seeking optimal access control and item storage solutions. The smart lockers ensure seamless tracking and retrieval of items, contributing to an organized and efficient community center experience.


Noki’s innovative and flexible capabilities deliver personalized authorization, safeguarding valuable assets with enhanced security measures. Real-time notifications and historical tracking ensure transparency and accountability for all system activities. The system offers flexible permission levels, empowering staff with role-specific access to compartments, and ultimately ensuring the safety of keys and other assets. Mall visitors can conveniently utilize Noki’s smart lockers for easy pickup and returns of purchased items. Lockers also offer a secure solution to store personal belongings, allowing visitors to explore the mall hands-free and with peace of mind.


Noki Systems is tailored to optimize productivity and security in warehouse operations, ensuring comprehensive asset protection. Our individualized authorizations and robust historical monitoring ensure accountability and meticulous records of key exchanges, guaranteeing top-tier security for your organization and its equipment. With multi-location support, you can efficiently manage keys across various sites.

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