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Explore a range of scalable and secure options for Noki’s intelligent parcel management systems, starting from the Noki L100 base system up to the Noki L700 addon system. Noki’s Intelligent Lockers enable couriers to confidently deliver parcels, ensuring residents access only their own items, enhancing secure and worry-free deliveries. Noki simnplifies parcel management like never before.


14 door
base system

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18 door
addon system

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20 door
addon system

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4 door
addon system


6 door
addon system


8 door
addon system


12 door
addon system


The Noki L100 base system includes 14 doors of varying sizes and a 10” touch screen display. Accessing compartments is simple – users can input a one-time code or scan a registered FOB. Enterprises can choose from six addon systems to complement their base: Noki L200, L300, L400, L500, L600, and L700. Each addon locker offers a distinct assortment of doors, as displayed.  If none of these locker options fit your businesses needs, Noki staff is happy to work with you to craft a locker with your ideal configuration of compartments. We encourage businesses to craft a customized addon configuration that perfectly aligns with their requirements.

Systems are constructed from heavy-duty steel and independent electromagnetic locks ensuring asset safety. Security can be further enhanced with optional upgrades like cameras and 24/7 device monitoring and support. Noki Systems seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi and LTE, enabling effortless installation anywhere with a standard power outlet.

Share compartment access through the user-friendly Noki Exchange app, the versatile Noki Exec business application, or the innovative Noki Express app. Depending on the system configuration, access to the system can also be granted via RFID FOBs, providing maximum convenience without sacrificing security.

Noki’s Intelligent Lockers are the ideal solution for all parcel and asset management needs. Contact us today and bid farewell to shipping box clutters.


Unit Size: 198cm (H) x 90cm (W) x 50cm (D)

Compartment Size: 93.9cm/ 62.5cm/ 55.4cm/ 46.8cm/ 33.4cm/ 31.1cm/ 21.7cm/ 10.7cm (H) x 42.5cm (W) x 50cm (D)

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

10″ Touch Screen Display

RFID Scanner

Electromagnetic Locks

Ethernet, WiFi, and LTE Connectivity


21.5” Touch Screen Display

LTE Upgrade Module

Battery Backup

24/7 Device Monitoring and Support

24/7 Video Monitoring

Custom Material Thickness

Custom Outer Material

Custom Compartment Sizes


Locker Size

W x H x D

90 cm x 198 cm x 50 cm

Compartment Sizes

W x H x D

42.5 cm x 10.7 cm x 50 cm • 42.5 cm x 21.7 cm x 50 cm • 42.5 cm x 31.1 cm x 50 cm • 42.5 cm x 33.4 cm x 50 cm • 42.5 cm x 46.8 cm x 50 cm • 42.5 cm x 55.4 cm x 50 cm • 42.5 cm x 62.5 cm x 50 cm • 42.5 cm x 93.9 cm x 50 cm


Noki Software comes in three uniquely functioning options: Noki Exchange, Noki Exec, and Noki Express. These integrate with your Noki System to best suit your business’ situation. Explore Noki’s three elite comprehensive software options below.


For Deliveries

Noki Express seamlessly integrates with Noki’s Intelligent Lockers, providing a secure and efficient solution for parcel delivery and retrieval. Couriers can securely place parcels in designated lockers, with recipients gaining exclusive access by entering a code sent directly to them via text. This streamlined process ensures smooth and contactless transactions.


For Businesses

Noki Exec is perfect for administrators managing businesses with heavy-duty tools. The Noki Exec web app grants complete control over compartment access, authorizations, and assignments for different team members, ensuring authorized personnel access to crucial equipment. For retailers, Noki Exec facilitates contactless pickup and returns by offering shoppers one-time codes. This streamlined process improves customer experience, reduces wait times, and enhances order fulfillment.


For Individuals

Noki Exchange is the perfect solution for venues such as stadiums, clubs, casinos, and theme parks, where visitors can take advantage of short-term locker use during their stay. With the option for one-time compartment bookings, businesses can not only generate revenue but also recoup their investment while catering to their clients’ need for convenient short-term storage. This seamless and secure locker management system enhances the overall guest experience and adds value to your establishment.

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