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Experience Noki’s Smart Key Management Systems, featuring versatile and secure choices like the Noki X12 and the enhanced Noki X16. Make use of Noki’s intelligent key cabinets to seamlessly manage numerous keys, eliminating the chaos of conventional lockboxes and key storage methods.

Noki X12

12 compartment base system

Noki X16

16 compartment addon system


Introducing Noki X12: Empower seamless access to 12 compartments with a premium LCD interface for user-friendly interactions. Elevate to Noki X16 for limitless scalability, perfect for expanding storage needs in enterprises.

Unmarked, robust, and compact – our systems seamlessly blend security and convenience. With a heavy-duty steel frame, their compact design ensures versatile placement while delivering unparalleled durability. Noki Systems connect to Wi-Fi and LTE, enabling effortless installation anywhere with a standard power outlet.

Noki cares about the security of your assets. Our Smart Key Management Systems enhance security by concealing the identity of keys stored within. This unique feature adds a layer of anonymity and ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot discern which keys are housed in specific compartments, further fortifying the protection of your valuable assets and maintaining the confidentiality of your key inventory.

Share keys through the user-friendly Noki Exchange mobile app or the versatile Noki Exec business application. Depending on the system configuration, access to the system can be granted via software applications, RFID FOBs, and fingerprint readers, providing maximum convenience without sacrificing security. Furthermore, each lock within the system has its own distinct status, allowing you to easily determine whether compartment doors are open or closed. Accompanied by the corresponding software, these systems are versatile enough to cater to a wide range of client needs.

Refer below for device capabilities and available upgrades to further enrich your experience.


Unit Size: 37cm (W) x 37cm (H) x 11cm (D)

Compartment Size: 6.5cm (W) x 5cm (H) x 9.5cm (D)

Weight: 20-25lbs

12V Power Supply

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Wall and Stand Mountable

7″ Touch Screen Display

RFID Scanner

Electromagnetic Locks

FOB Holder Tray

Ethernet, WiFi, and LTE Connectivity


LTE Upgrade Module

Battery Backup

Fingerprint Scanner

Facial Recognition

Additional Fobs

Floor Stand

High-Gain Antenna

24/7 Device Monitoring & Remote Support


System Size

W x H x D

37 cm x 37 cm x 11 cm

Compartment Size

W x H x D

6.5 cm x 5 cm x 9.5 cm


Noki Software comes in three uniquely functioning options: Noki Exchange, Noki Exec, and Noki Express. These integrate with your Noki System to best suit your business’ situation. Explore two of Noki’s three elite comprehensive software options below.


For Individuals

Noki Exchange is suited for those working in industries such as real estate, property management, and hospitality, where keys are exchanged between specific individuals. The software works hand-in-hand with Noki’s Smart Key Management Systems.


For Businesses

Noki Exec is well-suited for administrators overseeing operations with frequent key exchanges among staff, particularly in industries like car dealerships and car rentals. This software collaborates seamlessly with Noki’s Systems, providing an intelligent and secure remedy for disorganized key lockbox scenarios.

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