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Software Overview

Noki Exec is best suited for administrators managing a business or operation where many keys are exchanged between staff on a regular basis. The software works together with Noki’s Intelligent Key Cabinets to offer a smart and secure solution to key chaos.

Application Features

Noki Exec is a key management solution for businesses. Administrators and/or business owners will be able to optimize their business with features such as:

Key tracking and history log: Administrators have access to a detailed history log with automated monthly reports, giving them the opportunity to view the past and current status of keys, including when they were accessed and by which user(s)

Convenient web-based management: Administrators can effortlessly manage their assets by logging into the Noki Exec website using any browser. This seamless integration with our Noki systems offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use.

Multiple co-administrators: Businesses with more than one person in charge can appoint multiple administrators, giving these individuals the same level of authority

Simple employee setup: Employee registration is quick and easy, simply requiring each user’s name and number

Customizable key access: Noki Exec allows administrators to flexibly authorize employees and clients both individually and as groups

Third party pickup and dropoff: Authorize others by number to drop off and pick up keys

Authorization scheduler: Provide immediate compartment access or schedule access for a future date and time

Auto registration and deregistration between locations: Effortlessly control systems across multiple locations from a centralized platform

SMS and email notifications: Get notified when keys are accessed and returned

Access & Security

The Noki Exec web application is safe and secure, and works together with Noki’s Smart Key Management Systems to ensure that only authorized users get access to compartments and their contents. Notable access and security features include:

24/7 network monitoring system: Problems are detected and addressed immediately by Noki maintenance staff

Access through fingerprint, face recognition, and RFID: Administrators can choose between a variety of secure options for employees to access compartments

Video surveillance: Video monitoring adds an extra layer of security to give businesses peace of mind

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