The Switch from Lockboxes to Noki Key Management System

Managing property access efficiently is crucial for property managers and residents alike. Key management systems offer a secure and convenient way to store keys and grant access to approved guests. This guide explores what key management systems are, their benefits, and the different types available.  What is a Key Management System? Our Noki X12 key management system securely stores and tracks keys for various rooms within a building, such as apartment units, offices, and amenity spaces. Keys are stored in an unmarket secured cabinet that is monited 24/7 by Noki. Access is controlled via unique PIN codes and other credentials, making this an extremely secured and no headache option.   Benefits of Key Management Systems Key management systems offer several advantages for property managers and residents:  Simplified Management: Authorized users can retrieve keys without disturbing staff or residents.  Time Savings: Building staff save time as visitors can access keys themselves.  Enhanced Security: Keys are stored securely, and access is restricted to authorized individuals.  Convenient Guest Access: Residents can provide keys to trusted guests, such as pet sitters or family members, without being present.  Types of Key Management Systems There are four main types of key management systems:  Key Cabinets: Large cabinets with rows of keys, sometimes secured by electronic hooks. They may lack individual access controls, posing a security risk.  Key Lock Boxes: Small boxes for single keys, opened with a code. They are useful for temporary access but can clutter property if not managed properly.  Key Safes: Larger versions of lock boxes, offering more security and durability. Ideal for single residents or specific staff use.  Noki Key Management System: Advanced unmarked systems with multiple compartments, each opened with a unique code for each booking. We offer the highest security and can be managed remotely via a digital platform.  Why Choose Noki Systems? Our goal is to provide the highest quality product, advanced technology and provide the best customer service.   Controlled Access: Secured PIN access for each compartment that is always fresh with each authorization.  Remote Management: 24/7 network monitoring with our local staff.  Enhanced Security: Alerts for key retrieval and compartment status.  Key management systems are essential for property management, offering secure, efficient, and convenient access solutions. Investing in a key management system like Noki Systems can significantly improve property security and operational efficiency.  Share This Post More To Explore For more information, contact our team! Contact Now

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